Learning from a Distance

Now more than ever, access to virtual learning experiences for formal and informal educators, students, and other interested people has been in high demand. Interest in distance learning programs through the National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series increased by 610% since 2019. In 2020, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries hosted 90 live programs that reached 47,196 people, on topics ranging from studying whales and dolphins in the Hawaiian Archipelago, to gardening corals for coral reef restoration.

kid pointing at a computer screen
Photo: Isabel Gaoteote/NOAA
women working on a computer while a live stream from an rov runs in the background
The public was invited to explore Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary virtually during an E/V Nautilus expedition. Photo: NOAA
a person presenting during a webinar
The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides educators, students, and the interested public with programming that supports ocean and climate literacy. Photo: Andy Collins/NOAA
headshots of the 4 presenter during a webinar
Photo: NOAA