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International Action Plan

Tortoise in the galapagos
A close up of a Galapagos tortoise. (Photo: Elizabeth Moore, NMSP)
The International Program Action Plan describes how the National Marine Sanctuary Program (NMSP) fulfills its legislative purpose to “Cooperate with global programs encouraging conservation of marine resources.” It is a program planning document that details how the NMSP achieves its international strategic goals, objectives, and performance measures. The primary goal for our engagement in international activities is to “Work with the international community to strengthen global protection of marine resources, investigate and employ appropriate new management approaches, and disseminate NMSP experiences and techniques.”

boat repair work
Repairs are made to a boat in the Galapagos Islands. (Photo: Dan Farrow, NOAA)
The plan describes our authority for international activities and identifies program linkages among larger agency and external strategic plans and projects. The strategies and activities are the short-term priorities necessary to achieve our international goals and objectives. The program effectiveness section outlines the milestones and performance measures used to evaluate our progress towards our stated goals.  The primary performance measure for the National Marine Sanctuary International Program is “By 2010, five new collaborative projects with either new or existing international partnerships will be initiated and demonstrating protection of the marine environment.”

The Action Plan concludes with a series of appendices containing detailed descriptions of important program components and more practical provisions that help the NMSP staff manage international projects.

            International Program 2006 Action Plan (pdf, 1MB)


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