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The videos below were taken during the expedition in an effort to assist researchers with the identification of the Robert J. Walker. Included are several videos of the paddlewheel hub, the bow, both of the anchors, collapsed hull, as well as some of the crew's personal items such as blankets.

The videos below are a combination of MP4 and Quicktime files. For best viewing results, right click and (save as) to download the videos.

 This video spans between the ship's anchor all the way to the collapsed hull frames, moving alongside the ship exposed above the mud and sand.  This is just behind the bow and in the area of the collision. The mud was recently moved exposing wool blankets belonging to the crew.
 The bow  One of two anchors
 Section of the hull  Paddlewheel hub
 Paddlewheel hub  The Walker's engine
 Collapsed hull in and around the bow  Tangle of engine machinery and encrustation

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