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Potentially Polluting Wrecks in U.S. Waters

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Risk Score Example

Vessel Risk FactorsData Quality ScoreCommentsRisk Score
Pollution Potential FactorsA1: Oil Volume (total bbl)MediumMaximum of 93,000 bbl, not reported to be leakingMed
A2: Oil TypeHighCargo is crude oil, a Group III oil type
B: Wreck ClearanceHighVessel not reported as cleared
C1: Burning of the ShipHighSignificant fire reported
C2: Oil on WaterHighOil was reported on the water; amount is not known
D1: Nature of CasualtyHighMultiple torpedo detonations, explosion
D2: Structural Breakup HighVessel remains in one contiguous piece
Archaeological AssessmentArchaeological AssessmentHighDetailed sinking records and site reports of this ship exist, assessment is believed to be very accurateNot Scored
Operational FactorsWreck OrientationHighInverted (turtled)Not Scored
DepthHigh90 feet
Visual or Remote Sensing Confirmation of Site ConditionHighLocation has been surveyed
Other Hazardous Materials OnboardHighNo
Munitions OnboardHighMunitions for onboard weapons
Gravesite (Civilian/Military)HighYes
Historical Protection Eligibility (NHPA/SMCA)HighNHPA and possibly SMCA
  WCDMost Probable
Ecological Resources3A: Water Column ResourcesHighNearshore habitats which are important spawning areas at greatest risk of impactMedMed
3B: Water Surface ResourcesHighSlicks could cover large areas with abundant wintering waterfowl, sea turtles concentrated in Sargassum mats where oil also tends to concentrate, and spawning habitat for many fish/shellfishHighMed
3C: Shore ResourcesHighShoreline resources include wetlands which are difficult to clean and under long-term decline, large bird nesting colonies, turtle nesting beaches, nursery areas for many fish and shellfish, and wintering habitat for listed bird speciesHighMed
Socio-Economic Resources4A: Water Column ResourcesHighModerate water column impact in important fishing groundsLowLow
4B: Water Surface ResourcesHighRelatively large impact in important shipping lanes and fishing areasHighMed
4C: Shore ResourcesHighModerate shoreline oiling would occur in areas with important resourcesMedMed
Summary Risk Scores1613

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