media libraryWhat Will You Do?
How much do you appreciate what the ocean has to offer? What will you do to see that it endures for your children?

Thank you ocean video Thank You Ocean
View the inspirational "Thank You Ocean" 70-second film announcement.

Gulf of Mexico Shark and Ray VideosShark and Ray Videos from the Gulf of Mexico
Sharks and rays are some of the largest animals to visit the reefs of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. Check out several video clips that show off some of the spectacular variety of invertebrates that live in and around the sanctuary.

Migration GameOcean Adventures Videos
Check out Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventure as KQED continues to produce short videos appropriate to bring the ocean into your classroom.

humpback tracking Videography of Stellwagen Bank
Check out how researchers tag humpback whales, explore shipwrecks and characterize the unique boulder reef habitat.

anemoneVideos of the ocean floor from the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
Observe a Pacific giant octopus unraveling its arms, a squat lobster grabbing a quick snack and brittle stars galloping along the seafloor.

RockfishVideo Gallery of Cordell Bank
Visit the compilation gallery of videos highlighting Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, including footage of a giant Pacific octopus, Black-footed Albatross and even jellyfish.

Channel IslandsVideo Gallery of the Channel Islands
View videos of submersible dives, six-gill sharks and much more.

aerial view of French Frigate ShoalsMaps, Images and Video of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Use these tools to learn more about the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve – the world’s second largest marine protected area.

Ship and sunsetNavigating Change Videos
Videos about the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

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