Communities from the Blue

From ecosystems beneath the waves to towns along their shores, the sites within the National Marine Sanctuary System are all about communities. By protecting habitats and key species within their boundaries, we ensure that ecosystems can thrive. And from the economic benefits of coastal tourism to the knowledge that their treasured places are safeguarded, national marine sanctuaries help maintain strong coastal communities.

In "Communities of the Blue," learn how the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation works with community partners to support a strong National Marine Sanctuary System. Then, travel all the way to National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa to learn how the sanctuary community worked together to remove a grounded vessel that threatened a way of life in Aunu’u.

Discover how communities are key to restoration in California’s Bolinas Lagoon, located within Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Here, grassroots restoration efforts have revitalized this rich habitat, sustaining it for future generations.

And learn how communities are propelling our nation toward new marine protected areas. NOAA's new community-driven process ensures that nominations for new national marine sanctuaries come directly from the people who depend on them. The growth of the National Marine Sanctuary System reflects a nation that is increasingly aware of and concerned with the health of our ocean and Great Lakes resources, and is coming together to care for these key areas.

Image: Dancers and singers practice for the 2017 Flag Day Fautasi Race in American Samoa. Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA