The Next Generation of Guardians for our Ocean

The National Marine Sanctuary System's Ocean Guardian program encourages students to explore their natural surroundings to form a personal connection to the ocean or watersheds where they live. Ocean Guardian Schools work within their communities to protect and conserve local watersheds, the ocean, and special ocean areas like national marine sanctuaries.

students standing next to a sign they created

Students at Lincoln Middle School in Alameda, California, unveil their permanent sign for their Ocean Guardian restoration project along the San Leandro Estuary. Photo: Naomi Pollock/NOAA

student holding a crustacean in hand

Students from J.C. Parks Elementary School in Indian Head, Maryland, found a crustacean while exploring their local watershed. Photo: Naomi Pollock/NOAA

students removing non-native invasive plants

Gault Elementary School students restore a coastal area by removing non-native invasive plants and planting native species. Photo: Naomi Pollock/NOAA