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Annual Magazine of the National Marine Sanctuaries

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A tomol crossing in front of a sunrise

Our Blue Heritage

National marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments protect and document historic shipwrecks and aircraft. We work with indigenous people to preserve and maintain their cultures. And we help safeguard the marine creatures that live in our marine protected areas so that future generations will get to know them as well.

A woman swims above coral

Get into the Blue

From whale watching in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary to diving among enormous corals in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, there’s never a dull moment in your sanctuaries.

A map of the National Marine Sanctuary System

Treasures of the Blue

Do you know which site of the National Marine Sanctuary System is the biggest? Which is the smallest? Which protects coral reefs, and which protects fallen shipwrecks?

Tiger Shark

Some-Fin Special About Sanctuaries

Close your eyes and picture a shark. Any shark. What do you see? What do you hear?

A seal and sea turtle on a beach

Life in the Blue

Some of the most diverse and bountiful ecosystems are just in your backyard, in your National Marine Sanctuary System!

A diver takes a selfie

Explore the Blue

On shore and at sea, scientists work tirelessly to better understand the animals and ecosystems of your National Marine Sanctuary System.

An albatross examines a pile of plastic

The Blue and You

Volunteers, visitors, students, and local communities are the backbone of the sanctuary system.

A stand up paddle boarder in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Your Earth is Blue

Through photography, sanctuary visitors show the world the special places of the National Marine Sanctuary System through their eyes.