Past Expeditions


Papahānaumokuākea Maritime Heritage Expedition
The main objectives of the expedition are to interpret diverse archaeological sites through underwater mapping, video and photography.

Battle of the Atlantic
Scientists conducted an archaeological expedition to survey ships sunk off the coast of North Carolina during WWII.

North Pacific Marine Debris
This cruise supported various missions - oceanographic observations, water sampling and marine mammal and marine debris observations.

Florida Keys Coral
Scientists assess reef-building corals in the Florida Keys.

Gray's Reef
The primary goal of this expedition is to gather information to better understand, manage and protect the natural resources of Gray's Reef.

Testing Fishing Gear Removal Techniques
Scientists set off on a 6-day research mission exploring Cordell Bank and testing methods of removing derelict fishing gear.


In Search of the Bottom Dwellers
What are the biogeographic patterns of benthic fish within NOAA's Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary?

Shipwrecks in Papahānaumokuākea
Scientists on board the NOAA ship Hi'ialakai conducted a multi-disciplinary research expedition.

If Reefs Could Talk
For thousands of years, modern coral reef communities have stood the test of time. What have they learned during that time?

Secrets of the Gulf
During the Secrets of the Gulf expedition, Dr. Robert Ballard and a team of researchers will explore the Gulf of Mexico.

Gray's Reef
Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuaries staff are studying benthic invertebrate populations on hard bottom reefs.

Working to Save Reef-Building Corals
The mortality of reef-building corals has increased to unprecedented levels during the past three decades in the Caribbean region.


USS Macon
The USS Macon, a 785-foot dirigible, was lost on February 12, 1935 when she foundered tail first into the Pacific Ocean.

Taking the Pulse of the Ocean
Off the coast of central and northern California., researchers are recording the oceanographic processes.

USS Monitor
On July 15-20, a team of researchers conducted a major mapping expedition to the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.

An Expedition of Monument Proportion
This is the first expedition to this area since President Bush's proclamation designating it a Marine National Monument.

Palmer Crary Expedition
Researchers explore the shipwreck of the coal schooners Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary via a remotely operated vehicle.

Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail
Archaeologists will "fly" over the shipwreck while high-resolution cameras on the propulsion sled capture images of the shipwreck below.

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