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Proteus Vessel Promotes Ocean Conservation on One Ocean Mission

Two photos of the proteus overlappedThe innovative catamaran vessel, Proteus, designed and owned by Marine Advanced Research, has embarked on a mission to visit Italian marine protected areas and their United States' underwater counterparts, the national marine sanctuaries. The crew of Proteus kicked-off the One Ocean cruise at the Genoa Aquarium in Italy on June 15, 2007. The cruise is designed to build international alliances and strengthen ties between marine protected areas, by using technology for the stewardship of the oceans.

The Earth has one ocean that faces similar environmental and management problems. Special protected areas in all the world's oceans are in need of enhanced public awareness, expanded science capabilities, and new strategies to safeguard resources. So, Italy and the United States signed a formal memorandum of agreement to expand and create new partnership opportunities to increase outreach and improve management of marine protected areas in each country. Resource managers and governments rely on the new technologies to help create a sustainable vision for the future, and Proteus is an innovative vessel that can contribute to science and research activities, as well as management of national marine sanctuaries and other special ocean areas.

What You Can Do

Make a Difference - Volunteer your time or donate to an organization that works to protect coastal and marine habitats.

Appreciate the Ocean - Enjoy the ocean, waterways and shorelines, but remember that this recreation area is a fragile homeland to many plants and animals.

Respect the Ocean - Recycle, reduce and reuse. Properly dispose of toxic chemicals, such as antifreeze, pesticides, and used motor oil to prevent them from getting into our water system. Keep your trash and plastics off beaches and in trash cans.

Educate Yourself - Read about these special ocean areas and share your knowledge.

Along Italy, the crew visited marine protected areas in Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily and Campania. In the United States, the vessel is scheduled to visit national marine sanctuaries offshore of North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, possibly Texas, and California, starting with a big kick off event in New York City on Sept. 6, 2007 at Chelsea Pier on the Hudson river.

The American Owners and designers of Proteus, Dr. Ugo and Isabella Conti, who were born and raised in Italy, are excited that this vessel will further the growing partnership between Italy and the United States and will raise public awareness about the importance of our one ocean.

The cruise will continue to highlight that threats to marine resources in special protected areas are the same - habitat damage, water pollution, limited public awareness, threatened wildlife populations and recovering fish stocks - no matter where in the world they are located. Our one ocean affects everyone. It supplies freshwater, food, medicines, recreation, and nearly all Earth's oxygen. It moderates the Earth's climate, influences our weather, and affects human health. So join us in taking part in this historic cruise to promote ocean conservation.

Download the Proteus brochure (pdf, 4.3MB) and visit the Marine Advanced Research site for more information about the innovative wave adapted modular vessel.

Proteus vessel near the Golden Gate Bridge

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