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Sanctuary Watch

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries publishes a national newsletter in print and electronic format to keep our colleagues, collaborators and constituents informed about the many program activities and accomplishments that take place within our 13 national marine sanctuaries and one marine national monument.

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2015

Coalition Building Cover

Coalition Building

  • Our Evolving Culture of Coalition Building
  • The NOAA-Navy Partnership in Sanctuaries
  • Coalitions that Inspired Expansion
  • Diverse Communities Empower Coalitions
  • Champion Profiles
  • Social Media Builds Coalitions
  • Global Technology for Global Coalitions
  • Sanctuary Snapshot

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2015 (5.4 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2014

Nomination Process Cover

Nomination Process

  • Your Challenge, Your Chance
  • Rising to the Challenge
  • Before & After Sanctuaries
  • The Road to Nomination
  • Sanctuaries: A Vital Component
  • Sanctuary Success Stories
  • Of the People
  • Voices of Concern
  • Choose Sanctuaries

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2014 (3.9 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2013

Power of Film Sanctuary Watch
  • The Power of Film
  • How Film Changes the World
  • Sanctuaries in the Limelight
  • Film Festivals
  • Filmmakers Perspectives
  • Star of the Sea: James Cameron
  • Ocean for Life
  • One World One Ocean
  • The Next Generation

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2013 (4.5 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2012

40th Anniversary Sanctuary Watch
  • Special 40th Anniversary Issue
  • 40 Years Strong
  • Next 40 Years
  • Origins: Monitor
  • Origins: Channel Islands
  • Origins: Flower Gardens
  • The Long Struggle
  • Sanctuary Foundation
  • A Change of Heart

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2012 (4.3 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Spring 2012

Special Places Sanctuary Watch
  • Special Places
  • Reconstructed Faces of the Monitor Crew
  • Star of the Sea: Don Walsh
  • Sanctuary Voices: Mark Tercek
  • Reflections on the Bay

Sanctuary Watch Spring 2012 (3.2 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2011

Maritime Heritage Sanctuary Watch
  • Maritime Heritage
  • Sanctuary Voices: Callum Roberts
  • Project Shiphunt
  • Star of the Sea: James P. Delgado
  • Cultural Landscapes

Sanctuary Watch Fall 2011 (3.5 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2011

America's Great Outdoors Cover
  • Amercia's Great Outdoors: The Ocean
  • Sanctuary Voices: Richard Louv
  • Connecting Children to the Great Outdoors
  • New Astonishing Tales
  • Infographic: Coast to Coast - America's Ocean Connection

Sanctuary Watch Summer 2011 (3.5 MB)

Sanctuary Watch Winter 2011

Recreation Cover
  • Recreation
  • Star of the Sea - Kelly Slater
  • Fishing in the Sanctuaries
  • Sanctuaries Inspire Art
  • Critter Files - The Red Lionfish

Sanctuary Watch Winter 2011 (2.7 MB)