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Oct. 19, 2012

Vernon Smith

National Marine Sanctuary Employees Receive NOS Awards

Two Office of National Marine Sanctuary employees received awards at the 2012 National Ocean Service Diversity Day and Employee Recognition Award Ceremony this week at NOAA's headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. The awards recognize exceptional leadership and sustained effort toward accomplishment of NOS missions and diversity goals.

Aida Pettegrue, administrative specialist at ONMS, received an "Effective Team Leadership" award for her contribution to the NOS Communication Series Planning Committee. The committee, working across three NOS line offices, developed and conducted a series of in-house skills-building workshops on topics including conflict resolution, recognizing gender differences, and working with people with disabilities. The workshops were offered to all NOS employees and at no cost to NOS.

Todd Jacobs, deputy superintendent at Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, received an "Employee of the Year" award for his leadership in support of NOAA's development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technologies. In June, Jacobs was principle investigator for field tests of a new NOAA Puma UAS that involved every line office in NOAA. The tests and evaluation will be used to help NOAA reach its goal of leveraging new technologies to improve ocean and coastal management.

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