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Student with argo crab Resource protection and management go hand-in-hand, joining forces to reduce the threats and impacts of human-induced effects on the natural and maritime heritage resources in the sanctuaries.  Resource protection in the sanctuaries includes regulations, permitting, incident response and contingency planning, damage assessment and restoration, and enforcement.
photo of whale tail near a shipReducing Ship Strike Risk
to Whales

Ship strikes on large endangered whales is of great concern to national marine sanctuaries. Read about efforts to reduce the risk of ship strikes, and what sanctuary staff and partners are doing to manage, monitor, and research this issue.

While each sanctuary has its own unique set of regulations, there are some regulatory prohibitions that are typical for many sanctuaries. Read more about those here.
For Pilots
Over the next three months, the FAA will release updated aeronautical sectionals that include West Coast sanctuary overflight regulations.

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