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The historical fishing scenes presented here were taken or collected by the US Fish and Fisheries Commission, predecessor to the National Marine Fisheries Service, which was originally established on February 9, 1871, to investigate the causes for the decrease of commercial fish and aquatic animals in U.S. coastal and inland waters and to recommend remedies.

The original photos in this collection are held at the Image collection of National Archive, College Park, MD.

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Fishing showing enclosure for keeping fish. Detroit River, Michigan.
Fishing showing enclosure for keeping fish. Detroit River, Michigan.

Battery fishermens boats in harbor, 1891.
Battery fishermens boats in harbor, 1891.

Whitefish seine Detroit River.
Whitefish seine Detroit River.

T-Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts.
T-Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston, MA, fish dealers establishments near T Wharf.
Boston, MA, fish dealers establishments near T Wharf.

Boston MA
Boston, MA, near T Wharf.

Fishing boats
Fishing boats and artificial harbor wall, Cape Ann, MA, Worth, 1891.

Fishing boats
Fishing boats, Cape Ann, MA.

Drying codfish
Drying codfish in flake yard at Gloucester, MA.

Flags at a fisherman's wedding
Flags displayed for celebration of a fisherman's wedding, Gloucester, MA.

shippng cod
Gloucester station, MA, shipping cod on sloop Venus.

Cod flake yard
Pew & Son. Cod flake yard. Gloucester, 1899

railway in Boston
Schnrs. (new) Ethel B. Jacobs (old) M.A. Baston on railway, Gloucester, MA.

Drying hake sounds at wharf
Drying hake sounds at wharf of S. Smith, Gloucester, MA, 1882.

lobster quarters
Folly Cove, lobster quarters, Gloucester, MA.

Russia cement co.
Russia Cement Co. Factory, Gloucester, MA.

Boat manufacturer
Higgin's & Gifford's Boat Manufactory, Gloucester, MA.

Dried codfish establishment
Dried codfish establishment, Gloucester, MA.

dry codfish
Dry codfish in flake yard, Gloucester, MA.

wharf with mackerel and cod
Wharf at Gloucester, MA showing bbls of mackerel and cod flakes.

flake yard
Flake yard, Gloucester, MA.

perkins wharf
View of Perkins' wharf, with men at work packing dry and pickled fish and wagons loading with boxes and barrels of fish, Gloucester, MA.

Gloucester, MA.

View of wharves and outfitting establishment in upper harbor, Gloucester, MA, 1882.

salted mackerel
Carting brine salted mackerel, Gloucester, MA, 1882.

ship yard
General view of ship yard at Essex, MA, James Tarr's yard in foreground.

drying skates
Drying skates for fertilizer at Provincetown, MA, Cape Cod Oil Works.

mariner's house
Mariner's House, New Bedford, MA.

candle factory
Candle factory, New Bedford, MA.

View inside the breakwaters, Rockport Harbor, MA, 1882.

woods hole
Site of U.S. Fish Commission wharf, etc. Woods Hole, MA before building operations were begun.

woods hole
Woods Hole, MA, the original laboratory on Buoy Wharf.

swordfish vessels
Swordfish vessels. Block Island. 1899.

spearing salmon
McCloud River, CA, indian spearing salmon, taken about 1882.

McCloud River
McCloud River, Calehoolooloo Ranch, CA.

McCloud River
McCloud River, CA, indian ranch east side of river 1/4 mile below.

Fishery in CA
Chinese fishery, Monterey, CA, west coast scenery.

Fishing village in Monterey
Chinese fishing village, Monterey, CA, west coast scenery.

Sod houses in Alaska
Sod houses, ethnology, Alert, Alaska, 1892.

Canneries at mouth of Karluk River and lagoon, AK, 1889.

Alaskan settlement
Alaskan scenery, Dutch Harbor, AK, Alaska settlement and buildings.

La Perouse glacier, Alaska scenery, AK.

Ethnology, Albatross, 1897, Indian graves and totems at Klinkuan, southeast AK.

Ethnology, Albatross, 1897, totems at Klinkuan, southeast AK.

Ethnology, Albatross, 1897, part of Klinkuan village, southeast AK.

Albatross, AK, 1901, Revilla Gigedo Isd., southeast Alaska, cannery of Alaska Packers Assn, Naha Bay.

Albatross, AK, 1900, Bristol Bay district, Norwegian prahm, a handy boat in favor among Bristol Bay cannery at Alaska Packing Co. (A.P.A.).

village in Alaska
Atka village from beach to east, Nazan Bay, Atka Id, AK, 1894.

Alaskan settlements
Sitka, AK, settlements and buildings, 1889.

totem poles
Ethnology, totem poles, Wrangell, AK

Greek church
Greek church, Fort Alexander, Nushigah River, AK, settlements and buildings, 1890.

Bristol Bay cannery, Fort Alexander, Nushigah River, AK, 1890.

Greek church
Greek church, St. Paul's Island, AK, settlements and buildings, 1891.

crabber's camp
A crabber's camp on Tangier Island, VA, Aug. 1902.

Shad, engine house, Stony Point fishery, Potomac River, VA.

Crab house
The crab house and drying rack (with floats laid up for the winter), Crisfield, MD, Nov. 1903.

shad fishery
Shad fishery, Osmond & Sons float, Havre de Grace, MD.

harbor view in Baltimore
Harbor view, Baltimore, MD.

Battery and lighthouse
Battery, lighthouse, old hatchery, and residence. MD

fishermen boats
Battery fishermens boats in harbor, 1891.

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