Monitoring Programs and Resources

photo of diver monitoring underwater

National marine sanctuaries conduct and/or support monitoring programs tailored to the information needs of each sanctuary, as well as local partners and constituents. These programs target a wide array of topics involving natural processes and human influences on water, habitat, living resources and maritime archaeological resources.

This inventory of monitoring programs presents summary information on the various monitoring projects being conducted throughout the sanctuary system. Contact information for project leads and web links are provided in order to access additional information.

Inventory Overview

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Topic Areas

Listing of the various subject areas being monitored

Real-time Data

List of sources for real-time data from each national marine sanctuary

Weather Forecasts

Current weather forecasts for each sanctuary

Inventory of Sanctuary Monitoring Projects

Click on the name of each sanctuary or monument to access that site's monitoring inventory where you can learn more about the monitoring programs that are taking place there.

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Channel Islands

Cordell Bank

Florida Keys

Flower Garden Banks

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Greater Farallones

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Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

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