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Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Socioeconomics

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary provides resources to support strong local economies and has economic value reaching far beyond its historic waters.
open quote marksBringing to light the poorly understood maritime heritage of the coast through interdisciplinary and innovative research has not only forwarded scholarship and reinforced the special status of coastal North Carolina--it has illuminated the promise of economic development through heritage tourism.<
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-Dr. Nathan Richards
Coastal Studies Institute, University of North Carolina; Department of History, East Carolina University

  • Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is located on the edge of the rich Gulf Stream waters just off the North Carolina coast. Dive operations, sport fishing and recreational boating in and adjacent to the sanctuary generate significant revenue for local dive shops, charter boat operators and local businesses.

  • The North Carolina coast, rich in maritime heritage resources, offers a unique window into our nation's past. Over the last 35 years, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary has sponsored ongoing research expeditions along this coast that document and survey maritime heritage resources. These expeditions enhance knowledge of North Carolina's maritime heritage, while bringing cultural resources to the public through education, outreach and heritage tourism.

  • In support of education and career opportunities, foundations for future economies, the sanctuary hosts and participates in various education and outreach events that are free to school districts, museum partners and the public.

  • People who cannot visit the sanctuary site can learn more about the USS Monitor and Monitor National Marine Sanctuary through the site's partners. Sanctuary partners include over ten museums and aquariums throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Direct financial support, exhibition materials and staff time are provided to these partners on behalf of the sanctuary.

  • Financial support is provided by the sanctuary to the following organizations:
    • The Mariners' Museum and USS Monitor Center: $14.5 million since 1987
    • Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum: $2.6 million since 2000
    • The State of NC, Queen Anne's Revenge Project: $100,000 since 2009
    • North Carolina Aquarium: $15,000 since 2005
    • East Carolina University Archaeological Field School: $5,000 since 2005

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