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Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Socioeconomics

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary provides an economic foundation for local communities and has economic value reaching deep into Washington State's economy.
open quote marksOlympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is a key partner in public outreach that enhances the economy of the area and improves the quality of visitor experiences.
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-Meredith Parker
General Manager,
The Makah Tribe

  • Commercial fishing off Washington's coast generated nearly $150 million in personal income, comprising over 60 percent of the harvest value of all commercial fisheries in Washington (data from 2006). In 2009, there were over 3,000 commercial fishing trips and approximately 11,000 recreational fishing trips in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

  • Each year, over 10,000 large commercial vessels pass through Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Supported by sanctuary monitoring, compliance with a voluntary Area-to-be-Avoided is nearly 100 percent, reducing the risk of devastating impacts from an oil spill to the local, marine-based economy.

  • In the Pacific Northwest, American Indian Treaty Tribes are economically, culturally and spiritually connected to natural resources found on their reserved lands and within their usual and accustomed hunting, fishing and gathering areas. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is helping preserve resources critical for sustaining the ocean dependant livelihoods of these indigenous communities.

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