What You Can Do

Did You Know?
  Algae in the ocean produce more of the earth’s vital oxygen than all of the forests and land plants combined.

  The single greatest source of ocean pollution is runoff from yards, pavement, and farms. Every year, oily road runoff from a single large city contains as much oil as one tanker spill.

  Improperly disposed motor oil from a single car can contaminate a million gallons of water.

  Oceans cover two-thirds of our planet, yet we know more about the moon’s surface than the deep ocean.

Box fish Get Educated and share your knowledge.

Volunteer with a sanctuary or other organization that works to protect coastal and marine habitats.

Be mindful of your own environment. Keep liter, used motor oil, antifreeze, toxic chemicals, hawaii sunsetpesticides and debris out of drains, and conserve water.

Use natural, organic alternatives to fertilizers and pesticides on lawns and gardens.

Honeycomb boxfish Treat the ocean with care. Enjoy your ocean, waterways and shorelines, but remember that this recreation area is a fragile homeland to many plants and animals.

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The ocean takes care of us. Let's return the favor. Five things you can do to thank the ocean.

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