Field Studies

Teachers can enrich their classroom curricula with a depth of understanding made possible by living and working side-by-side, day and night, with those who contribute to the world's body of scientific knowledge.

ocean for lifeOcean for Life
The Ocean for Life program is an initiative to increase cultural understanding through ocean science. Ocean for Life provides high quality, immersive ocean field studies and follow-on education programs to facilitate cross-cultural learning, appreciation, and lasting experiences between Middle Eastern and Western students. The next proposed Ocean for Life field study will take place during the summer of 2015.

Ocean GuardiansOcean Guardian Classroom
All schools and classrooms in the United States, no matter where they are located, have an impact on the world's single, interconnected ocean. Marine ecosystems are all connected in some way to the places where each of us live. So even if your classroom is thousands of miles from shore, learning to live, work and play in a sustainable way protects your local watershed that eventually drains into the ocean. Promote ocean conservation at your school or in your local community by becoming an Ocean Guardian Classroom.

rockEnvironmental Monitoring
Not Just for Scientists
LiMPETS is an environmental monitoring and education program for students, educators, and volunteer groups throughout California. Approximately 4,000 teachers and students along the coast of California are collecting rocky intertidal and sandy beach data as part of the LiMPETS network. Join us to learn the process of science and help to protect our local marine ecosystems.

student with cameraOcean Science Field Studies with National Geographic Society
Select teacher and student teams from around the country participate in a variety of field and laboratory-based activities focused on national marine sanctuaries and ocean conservation. The National Marine Sanctuary Program in partnership with National Geographic promotes the understanding of America’s underwater treasures through first hand experiences. These hands-on ocean field studies are based on educational standards, including subject areas such as geology, science, water systems, habitat monitoring and exploration.

Fagatele Bay childrenMarine Science Summer Camp
Each three-week session offered in American Samoa features a strong marine science curriculum, field and laboratory studies, and swimming and snorkeling lessons.

ExplorersSanctuary Explorer Camp
This week-long day camp takes place in a coastal setting and provides opportunities for economically disadvantaged children to experience the wonders of the ocean environment.

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