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Casserley crunching dataApril 30, 2006
Crunching data, wrapping up and heading home.

the ship dockedApril 29, 2006
Rough seas and small craft advisories make the going tough.

divers look at ship timbersApril 28, 2006
The team explores the North America, a 19th century masted vessel.

Russ Green and Brenda Altmeier assemble the diver propulsion vehicleApril 27, 2006
Today kicked off media day as the team provides an educational tour under water.

Photo-mosaic sled in actionApril 26, 2006
Archaeologists kick off the photo-mosaic mission. Take a look at the newly developed sled technology in action!

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Mission Log: April 27, 2006

Walter Bonora, Writer
NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program

The first impression I got as I began my journey with the team is the instant camaraderie that formed on this expedition. The seasoned team of archaeologists welcomed this writer as one of their own.

Russ Green and Brenda Altmeier assemble the diver propulsion vehicle
Click image for caption and full view.
Today, several members of the local media, including the Miami Herald, were given a morning tour of the Adelaide Baker, one of the wrecks that will be the subject of NOAA's photo mosaic project.

Enthusiasm was high among the group as the reporters left their e-mail and Internet world to enter one drenched in history. Swimming over the 19th century ship that sunk in 1889, Tane Casserley, Russ Green, and Brenda Altmeier wore the hat of tour guides as Tane demonstrated use of the innovative camera sled he developed that will capture stunning images of the wrecks. Imagine a scene from a Indiana Jones meets James Bond movie - that's what Tane looked liked piloting the ultra cool sled.

Before jumping into the water, Brenda and Tane briefed the group about the rich shipwreck history in the Florida Keys and how photo mosaics are an important outreach and educational tool in bringing that history to the public. Filmmakers from Waterways, a local environmental program funded by the local sanctuary office, were also onboard and briefed.

Russ Green and Brenda Altmeier assemble the diver propulsion vehicle
Click image for caption and full view.
Once the tour wrapped up, Tane and his team continued taking more video of the Adelaide Baker. Their goal is to create stunning visuals with great detail of the entire shipwreck that before was not available. Throughout most of the project, the team will work late into the night to bring this exciting project to the public.

After a long day at sea, the soothing hues of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico were a welcome sight.

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