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2010 Battle of Atlantic Expedition


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As stewards of our Nation's special places in the sea and Great Lakes, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) must always search for better ways to protect, conduct research, and monitor the resources of our Sanctuary System. As a result, ONMS has launched a new class of Small Research Vessel (SRV) to support its ocean conservation missions.

Vessels in this class can serve a wide range of ONMS resource protection missions, especially in sanctuaries with remote areas or where higher sea states occur throughout the year. SRV's have the potential to fill a gap between missions suitable for other classes of sanctuary vessels and those preferred using larger NOAA multipurpose coastal research vessels.

The new SRVx serves not only to enhance ONMS missions, but also to support evolving technologies that enhance sanctuary research, and to encourage collaborations within NOAA and with the public and private sectors. This new innovative research platform is ready to take on the challenges of understanding and conserving our nation's ocean environments and maritime heritage.

This year's Battle of the Atlantic expedition will be conducted from the decks of the 85 ft SRVx. Equipped with berthing space for 12, this new vessel will provide the archaeologists, marine biologists, and researchers the ability to stay on the water for extended time periods, thus allowing them to conduct their research in a more efficient and timely manner. With over 200 square feet of dry lab space and various scientific equipment on board, the boat is a great platform for this summer's expedition.

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