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The 2011 Battle of the Atlantic Expedition is all about discovery! Join NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary as we explore the seafloor off of North Carolina's Outer Banks, search for undiscovered shipwrecks, and investigate a World War Two, underwater battlefield site: the Battle of Convoy KS-520.

The Battle of Convoy KS-520 was an important event that occurred during the World War Two Battle of the Atlantic. While we know the general location of the battle from historical accounts and records, the actual remains of two ships that sank that day, the German U-boat, U-576, and the Nicaraguan tanker, Bluefields, were never found. This summer, researchers will use cutting edge technology in search of these two vessels and their final resting places. In addition, shipwrecks surveyed during the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Battle of the Atlantic Expeditions will be revisited. Surveying those vessels, along with the U-576 and the Bluefields, will help scientists to better understand what occurred off the coast of North Carolina during World War Two.

This exciting project will take place from June 1 - July 8 and resume again from August 2 - 16. Stay tuned for blogs from researchers, updates from the ship's crew, and pictures and video from the field. You don't want to miss it!

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