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Olympic Coast: Sustainable Seas Expedition

SSE Exhibit, Seattle Aquarium, June 8-24. (Photo: Bob Steelquist)

SSE Seattle Open House, June 15, Seattle Aquarium. Visitors boarded Navy vessel YTT Discovery Bay. (Photo: Bob Steelquist)

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary's SSE operations crew. Clockwise from upper right: Andy Palmer, Tatoosh skipper; Ed Bowlby, Mission Coordinator, pilot and Research Coordinator; Mary Sue Brancato, click image for more...(photo: Olympic Coast NMS)

Pilot Sarah Mitchell in the tank at MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) during pilot training, November 1998. (Photo: Bob Steelquist)

Pilot Bob Steelquist listens intently to Nuytco technician Phil Otalora in preparation for a tank dive during November, 1998 training at MBARI. (Photo: Sarah Mitchell)

Pilot Sarah Mitchell during recovery of after an open-water checkout dive, Monterey 1998. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

SSE Advanced pilot training location, Pier 59, Seattle Aquarium. (Photo: Bob Steelquist)

Deepworker subs at Seattle Aquarium for training and swap-out of camera systems. Left rear are Deepworker trainers (300-foot depth); right foreground is DeepWorker 2000 (200-foot depth). Olympic Coast NMS SSE dives were the first sea deployment of the 2000's. (Photo: Bob Steelquist)

Launch during advanced pilot training at Seattle Aquarium. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Launch operations on fantail of YTT Discovery Bay. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Immersion suit drill as the cruise gets underway. Dan Basta watches as Nuytco Diver Supervisor, Larry Shumaker, dons his "gumby" suit. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Dr. Sylvia Earle and Boyd Matson being filmed for National Geographic Explorer television show. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Cameras roll as Dr. Sylvia Earle prepares to dive for National Geographic Explorer. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

John Curley, host of KING TV "Evening Magazine" shooting segment on SSE feature. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Dana Wilkes prepares to dive with assistance from dive technicians Annette Hoffmann and Ed Bowlby. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife pilot, Annette Hoffmann, received final dive briefing from Nuytco sub ops technicians Ed Hoeffing and Phil Otalora. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

DeepWorker preparing to dive off Chibadehl Rocks, Olympic Coast NMS. Tatoosh Island is visible in the distance. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Olympic Coast NMS Mission Coordinator Ed Bowlby identifies fish with OCNMS Sanctuary Superintendent Carol Bernthal. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Mary Sue Brancato checks her radio during pre-dive.(photo: Bob Steelquist)

Pilot, Bob Steelquist explores the "green room" at 60 feet. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Eye-level with the ocean: pilot's view of DeepWorker being towed back to the ship. This was off Cape Alava. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Pilot's-eye view of swimmer as he connects DeepWorker to its tow line. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Navy swimmer Luis Alvarez ("Alvie") hitches a ride back to the ship on the back of DeepWorker as the chase boat follows. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

All hands watch as DeepWorker moves in for recovery on Discovery Bay's stern. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Dr. Sylvia Earle tries on "Sub 7" as "Sub 6" approaches the fantail for recovery. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife pilot, Tom Jagiello, looks over the new 2000 (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Larry Shumaker, SSE Dive Supervisor and 30-year veteran of submersible operations, including dives on Trieste and Alvin. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Pilot, Mary Sue Brancato goes through pre-dive procedures with Ed Bowlby. Nuytco technician Ed Hoeffing looks on. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Technicians Tom Jagiello and Bob Steelquist synchronize watches with pilots Dana Wilkes and Annette Hoffman in an attempted two-sub dive. Visibility and launch timing problems subsequently forced the mission to be scrubbed. (photo: Ed Bowlby)

Launch of the ROV (remotely operated vehicle.) (photo: Bob Steelquist)

Two subs and one chase boat stowed on the "one deck" of the Navy YTT Discovery Bay. (photo: Bob Steelquist)

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