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Annual Magazine of the National Marine Sanctuaries

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Our Blue Heritage

Through partnerships with communities and individuals, sanctuaries help keep the heritage of our ocean and Great Lakes alive.

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Get into the Blue

The ocean and Great Lakes are our planet’s greatest playground – and national marine sanctuaries protect some of the best, most iconic places to play.

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Stories from the Blue

Behind every success of the National Marine Sanctuary System is a group of dedicated people: scientists, volunteers, educators, community members, and more.

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Faraway Ocean

Take a trip to some of the lesser-known and lesser-visited sites of your National Marine Sanctuary System.

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Life in the Blue

Throughout the National Marine Sanctuary System, you’ll find an astounding array of marine life, all relying on the indispensable resources of the ocean and Great Lakes.

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Explore the Blue

The National Marine Sanctuary System collaborates with scientists to obtain new knowledge on species diversity, ecosystem health, and more.

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The Blue and You

People all across the country support their national marine sanctuaries through volunteering and education – and you can do the same.

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Your Earth is Blue

Through photography, sanctuary visitors show the world the special places of the National Marine Sanctuary System through their eyes.