Get into the Blue

To many, the ocean and Great Lakes are our planet's greatest playground – and national marine sanctuaries protect some of the best, most iconic places to play. In sanctuaries, you can dive in technicolor coral reefs; explore historic shipwrecks; paddle around lush kelp forests; watch a humpback whale's majestic breach; explore a shoreside tidepool; and more. There's no end to the adventure in sanctuaries!

In Get Into the Blue, hear from Monterey Bay Aquarium executive director Julie Packard about how these ocean parks provide important opportunities for recreation, education, and science. To Packard, sanctuaries are "test beds for new approaches," whether it's determining the best way to protect against human impacts or to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards.

Looking to try out new ways to play in your national marine sanctuaries? Get your inspiration here! Learn how recreational fishing can help support healthy ecosystems, and get a glimpse into the rapidly-growing world of stand up paddling. Prefer to keep your feet on solid ground? Lighthouses offer an opportunity to see your sanctuaries in a whole new light.