Life in the Blue

National marine sanctuaries are so much more than what we see above the surface - they are also vital resources for producing food, oxygen, habitats, and water for all life on Earth. In these marine protected areas, you'll find diverse Life in the Blue: seabirds, humpback whales, tiny invertebrates, and more, all relying on the indispensable resources of the ocean and Great Lakes.

First, experience Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through the eyes of wildlife photographer Douglas Croft. To Croft, Monterey Bay "is a monument to what can happen when we decide to protect instead of destroy."

Then, get two different glimpses into marine ecosystems. Dive beneath the waves and make the acquaintance of the tiny invertebrates that form the backbones of ocean food webs. Then, soar above the blue and learn how seabirds help scientists track changing ocean conditions.

Finally, check out how the National Marine Sanctuary System provides safe harbor for juvenile animals, from baby sea turtles to tiny squid.