Stories from the Blue

Behind every successful sanctuary is a group of dedicated scientists, community members, volunteers, educators, and more. In this section, you'll meet some of the inspiring people who help support the National Marine Sanctuary System through their Stories from the Blue.

Meet Jacqueline Laverdure, education and outreach coordinator for Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Laverdure has devoted herself to sanctuaries for over a decade. Next, hear from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council member Mimi Stafford, who has lived in the Florida Keys since the 1970s.

Then, hear the stories of two researchers who have contributed to the National Marine Sanctuary System. A Dr. Nancy Foster Scholar, Dr. Cori Kane studies deep reef communities in the Hawaiian Islands in and around Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary volunteer Kevin Powers has used his time in the sanctuary to continue his scientific investigations even after retirement.

Let these personal stories of families, friends, and individuals coming together to enjoy and learn from national marine sanctuaries ignite your passion to protect our ocean and Great Lakes.