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The live broadcast from the coal schooners Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary is supported by the following partners:

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Congress designated the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in 1992 as an area of special national significance. SBNMS sits astride the historic shipping routes and fishing grounds for such ports as Boston, Gloucester, Plymouth, and Provincetown. These ports have been centers of maritime activity in New England for nearly 400 years. As a result, the sanctuary is a repository for this nation's maritime heritage resources in the form of shipwrecks.

National Undersea Research Center at the University of Connecticut

nurc iconSBNMS and NURC have been active partners since the sanctuary's designation by Congress in 1992. Through this partnership, NOAA scientists have located over a dozen potentially historic shipwrecks in the sanctuary and completed detailed investigations of the sites with side scan sonar, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

gloucester iconThe Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is the only working historic waterfront in the Northeast that combines a historic working marine railway, where wooden vessels are hauled and repaired, with a Gulf of Maine aquarium, vessels tracing the fishing history of Gloucester, ongoing construction of wooden boats, and educational exhibits and programs.

NOAA's Preserve America Initiative

preserve america iconThrough his Preserve America executive order (E.O. 13287), President Bush has called on NOAA and other federal agencies to step up efforts to: inventory, preserve, and showcase federally-managed historic and cultural, or "heritage," resources and foster tourism in partnership with local communities.

NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program

noaa iconNOAA's Maritime Heritage Program is committed to preserving historical, cultural and archaeological resources within the National Marine Sanctuaries. The Maritime Heritage Program's mission is to protect, promote and explore our maritime heritage through a national program embracing heritage resources in our evolving coastal, marine and Great Lakes stewardship

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