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Mission info July 15 2006


Chronology of a Shipwreck (pdf, 640K)
The chronology of events in the sinking of the Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary is outlined in this document.

The Great Coal Schooners of New England (pdf, 644K)
The Frank A. Palmer, the largest 4-masted schooner ever built (1897), and the Louise B. Crary, a five-master (1900), were two such vessels that made regular runs between the coal ports... more

Crews of the Coal Carriers (pdf, 572K)
The sinking of the Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary was a tragic event that resulted in 11 deaths... more

A Disaster Recorded on the Seafloor (pdf, 368K)
The sonar image that came back to the research vessel astounded marine archaeologists on board... more

Profiles of the Vessels (pdf, 340K)
The Boston Herald called the Crary "one of the finest five-masters on the coast."... more

Wreck and Rescue (pdf, 2 MB)
Lying on the sanctuary's seafloor, preserved by the cold and dark water, are representative examples of both the largest and smallest schooners... more

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