2023 Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest

May 26, 2023 through September 4, 2023


2020 Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest Results

Thank you to all the photographers who shared their view of national marine sanctuaries with us! Click each photograph to see the full version.

Sanctuary Views

See the beautiful scenery of the National Marine Sanctuary System through visitors' eyes.

kelp forest
1st Place: Jon Anderson. Sunbeams penetrate the canopy of a kelp forest in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary as blue blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) congregate beneath.
a rocky beach
2nd Place: Steve Zmak. The sun sets on another beautiful day at Limekiln State Park in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
View from a kayak under an arch
3rd place: Dustin Harris. "Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary can change wildly from one day to the next. This photo embodies a sense of peace and calm alongside a sea arch that takes immense force to create."

Sanctuary Life

From tiny krill to enormous gray whales, thousands of species call the National Marine Sanctuary System home! This category depicts the amazing marine life that you can find in your national marine sanctuaries.

fish popping out of bryozoan
1st Place: Jon Anderson. A yellowfin fringehead (Neoclinus stephensae) peeks out from behind a red-rust bryozoan (Watersipora subtorquata) in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
Rissos dolphins swimming out of the water.
2nd Place: Douglas Croft. Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus) in a hurry in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This photo was taken 100 yards away from wildlife in compliance with all responsible wildlife viewing guidelines.
French Angelfish
3rd Place: Stan Schone. French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) snacking on a sponge in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.


Sanctuary Recreation

National marine sanctuaries provide an idyllic setting for a variety of recreational activities. This category celebrates the people who visit them.

child surfing
1st Place: Bruce Sudweeks. Catching a wave in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.
Artist on a grassy hill painting a lighthouse
2nd Place: Christina Ford. An artist takes in the views of Lighthouse State Beach in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary while oil painting.
shark over a wreck
3rd Place: Bruce Sudweeks. A curious sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus) investigates a diver near Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.


Sanctuaries at Home

While it’s important to get outside, experience nature, and recreate responsibly, we know that many of us are spending more time at home this year. Show us how you’re staying in touch with your national marine sanctuary through art, stewardship activities from your home or neighborhood, and responsible water-based recreation in your local communities.

sea turtle chalk drawing
1st Place: Jill Brown. Sea turtles and tropical fish inspired by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary make a big splash as delightful works of sidewalk art.
two people laying down with ray paintings laughing
2nd Place: Tiffany Duong. Bringing Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary indoors during the pandemic with paintings of spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari).
Large rock formation on a beach with people around it
3rd Place: Kristine Ellefson. Adventure seekers recreate responsibly at Salt Creek Recreation Area in Port Angeles, located roughly 50 miles from Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

Please note that we may use any of the photos we received for this contest on our website, on social media, and in other NOAA and National Marine Sanctuary Foundation publications. We will provide credit to photographers whenever we use any of the photos. Organizations other than NOAA and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation may use photographs submitted in this contest to promote sustainable and responsible recreation in the National Marine Sanctuary System. These photos are not for sale and are not for commercial use unless prior permission is arranged.