Earth Is Blue Magazine

In partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries publishes a yearly magazine in print and electronic formats. Through vivid images and engaging articles, Earth Is Blue: The Magazine of the National Marine Sanctuaries brings sanctuaries directly to the American public, so you can experience the wonder of our ocean and Great Lakes even if you don't live nearby.

earth is blue magazine volume 3 cover - angler holding a fish

Earth Is Blue Magazine - June 2018

  • Diving with a Purpose
  • Finding History
  • Gateway to the Ocean
  • A Passion for the Sea: Jacqueline Laverdure
  • A Life Devoted to the Keys: Mimi Stafford
  • Making Connections: Dr. Cori Kane
  • Seabirds Count: Kevin Powers
  • Get into Your Sanctuary
  • Surfing Sanctuaries
  • Faraway Ocean: A journey into Distant Sanctuaries
  • Through the Lens of a Sanctuary Advocate
  • Science and Sanctuaries in Sync
  • Finding Sanctuary for Right Whales
  • Inspiring the Next Generation

earth is blue magazine volume 2 cover - two surfers walking on the beach at sunset

Earth Is Blue Magazine - June 2017

  • An Impact for Special Places
  • Three Miles from Safety
  • Protecting a Way of Life
  • Windows to Sanctuaries
  • Malicious but Delicious: A Recipe
  • From Mauka to Makai
  • Exploration, Stewardship, Connection
  • Wrecked on a Reef
  • Windows to Sanctuaries
  • Gateways to Sanctuaries
  • Undersea Architecture
  • Listening In
  • Do You Sea Love?

earth is blue magazine volume 1 cover - women on the beach taking a picture of the ocean

Earth Is Blue Magazine - June 2016

  • An Impact for Special Places
  • Take only Memories
  • Stories from the Blue
  • ¿Qué Bolá Cuba?
  • Learning from the Past to Protect the Future
  • Freeing a Giant
  • In Hot Water
  • From Compassion to Action