Capital of Protected Places

June 2017

The National Marine Sanctuary System honors America's past, serves the needs of today, and provides and defends for the future. It's a future that depends on these protected places -- learn more in our video!


We are the people of the national marine sanctuaries.

America's parks of the ocean and Great Lakes.

We are pulled to the sea, buoyed on never-ending tides to answer our yearning to explore.

We marvel at seascapes teeming with life

where nature is still in charge.

We find adventure.

And we seek solace in the cradle of the deep.

We uncover stories told by watery graves that whisper of nature's fury.

We study.



Reaching millions around the world.

We free giants.

We are all people of the national marine sanctuaries.

We surf, paddle, fish, and relax.

We are producers.


And jobs.

Safeguarding billions in local economies.

We honor the past.

Serve the needs of today.

And provide and defend for the future.

A future that depends on the capital of these protected places.

What secrets remain hidden in the cathedral of the abyss?

What life-changing discoveries will nature bestow?

And what innovations will we forge upon our quest?

The answers will surface if we journey together.