Sea Lions in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

November 2017

Worn out at the end of a long week? Find some energy with these curious sea lions in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary!


Sea Lions Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

Welcome to the underwater ballet...

the dance of the sea lions!

Sea lions are gregarious animals, often gathering in groups to socialize.

They are found throughout West Coast national marine sanctuaries.

Upwelling of nutrient rich waters in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary help fuel sea lions’ diverse diet of fish and invertebrates.

Sea lions are curious, and frequently approach divers.

If they approach you, always let them control the interaction.

Don’t follow them or get closer – if they want to, they will come to you.

If you approach sea lions, you can cause them stress, interfering with their ability to feed, rest, and socialize.

While they may seem friendly, sea lions are wild animals and may lash out when feeling threate ned. Giving them space helps keep you safe, too.

Learn more about ocean etiquette for viewing wildlife responsibly.