Connection from the mountains to the sea

June 2018

From the mountains to the sea, the ocean connects us all. Check out one example of this in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary!


[Video opens to a shot of a bobcat sitting on rocks next to a stream, fishing. A blue banner appears in the corner, which reads:
“In places like Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the land and sea are closely connected.”
The Earth is Blue logo fades into the bottom right corner, where it stays throughout the video]

[The camera pans over a shot of the ocean visible through moss-covered trees. The text reads:
“Salmon live most of their lives in the waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.”]

[Salmon swim quickly across the rocky bottom of a river. The text reads:
“When it’s time to mate and lay their eggs, many return to the freshwater rivers within Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, and Tribal Reservations”]

[A bobcat crouches on a rock in the middle of a stream, fishing. When salmon surface, the bobcat hits the water with its paw. Text reads:
“During their travels inland, adult salmon feed other creatures – like this bobcat.”]

[A large group of salmon swim in both directions. Text appears, reading:
“Newly hatched salmon will make the reverse journey back out to the sea.”]

[Video reverts back to footage of the fishing bobcat, perched attentively on a rock. Text reads:
“By working closely with land managers, national marine sanctuaries help wildlife thrive in the ocean and throughout their lives.”]

[Screen fades to black, and white text moves into frame. The “Earth is Blue” logo appears first, followed by the website: “”. Below, the logos for NOAA and the National Marine Sanctuaries are included, and crediting text reads:
“Footage: Nick Zachar/ NOAA
Matt McIntosh/ NOAA
David Ruck/ NOAA
Editor: Meagan Cantwell
Music: Killer Tracks”]