Dolphins of Your National Marine Sanctuary System

March 2021

From bottlenose dolphins in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to spinner dolphins in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, many species of dolphin frequent your national marine sanctuaries. Learn about these marine mammals in this week's #EarthIsBlue video for #DolphinAwarenessMonth!


[A pod of dolphins swim underwater as upbeat instrumental music plays in the background. The screen goes white and displays text]


[A dolphin swims beneath the surface of the ocean, next to a boat]

From bottlenose dolphins in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

[A pod of dolphins, filmed at a distance, surface and leap out of the water]

To spinner dolphins in Hawaii Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

[Footage cuts to show dolphins leaping out of the water, closer to the camera]

There are many species of dolphins found in your national marine sanctuaries!

[An aerial view of a dolphin pod leaping as birds fly overhead is pictured]

Dolphins are extremely intelligent marine mammals that use sonar to navigate their underwater world.

[Three dolphins swim next to each other underwater]

These social animals make whistling sounds through their blowholes to communicate underwater.

[Different aerial shots of dolphin pods are displayed. Screen fades to black]

Edited by
Nick Zachar

Claire Fackler/ NOAA
Chad King/ NOAA
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary/ NOAA

[Text fades, and is replaced with the Earth is Blue, NOAA, and National Marine Sanctuaries logos]

[Screen fades to black again]