Your National Marine Sanctuary System

April 2021

Enjoyment and appreciation of the great outdoors is a fundamental American value. National marine sanctuaries are places of hope, inspiration, biodiversity, and resilience. But they are more than just ocean parks; they’re communities with diverse cultures, values, and ideas. By embracing and celebrating this diversity, we can ensure a bright future of our ocean and Great Lakes for current and future generations.


Camera pans out on an aerial view of an island, heavily forested and surrounded by the ocean. The Earth is Blue logo appears in the foreground, then shrinks and moves to the bottom right corner of the screen.

Instrumental music begins to play, then swells in intensity as the shot switches to an overhead view of a boat on the water.

An aerial shot of waves lapping onto a beach shore is displayed. White text appears, reading “National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa” as a diver swims adjacent to a coral reef. The text disappears as the video switches to footage of a shark swimming above a reef.

Two sea lions swimming underwater both shift their heads and look to the left. White text appears, reading “Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary” and then disappears. Video cuts to a shot of a person surfing, then divers swimming in a kelp forest with flashlights.

Barracudas, a stingray, and a sea turtle swim amongst a coral reef, and white text appears reading “Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary”. Text disappears and video cuts to show a person standing chest-deep in water and casting a fishing rod.

Fish swim in murky water next to an outcropping of coral. Text appears, reading “Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary” and the image switches to show a whale breach with a boat in the distant background. Text disappears and a timelapse of people and boats outside of a lighthouse is played.

A sea robin crawls across the ocean floor, and text appears reading “Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.” Divers swim underwater holding monitoring equipment and surrounded by schools of fish. Text fades as a diver surfaces, pumping their fist in the air.

A diver swims down towards a shipwreck on the bottom of a lake. White text appears, reading “Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.” Shots of divers swimming around shipwrecks are shown, then the text fades and video cuts to show a kayaker at the lake’s surface.

Waves crash against a rocky shore as the swelling music drops a beat. White text appears, reading “Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary” and the video cuts to a shot of seals swimming amongst the waves. Two people in lifejackets look through binoculars at shark fins moving in the water, then the text fades and an underwater shot of a shark is shown.

Video cuts to an image of beachside cliffs. An elephant seal raises its snout as white text appears on the screen, reading “Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.” A car drives across an arched bridge with the ocean in the background as the text fades.

A surfer crests a wave, the sky orange behind them. A sea lion swims between two rocky outcroppings underwater, and white text appears reading “Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.” Fish swim amongst coral as the text fades.

A crab shifts in position next to a tall sea anemone. A thoroughly equipped diver swims adjacent to a coral reef, and white text appears reading “Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.” Text fades as fish swim next to the yellow and orange coral.

The camera pans over a view of the ocean with mountains in the background. A whale flukes its tail as the white text appears, reading, “Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.” Text fades, and video cuts to an image of a sea turtle surrounded by small fish.

Mechanical equipment moves across the ocean bottom using flashlights to navigate the dark water. White text appears, reading “Papahānaumokuākea National Monument.” Shots play of an octopus, a shrimp, and a deep-sea invertebrate as the text fades out.

A kayaker paddles across a wide expanse of murky water, and text appears reading “Mallows Bay- Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary.” A child raises a pair of binoculars to their face, then the camera cuts to a shot of a pelican flying above the water. Text fades.

A sea lion swims playfully behind a diver, and white text appears reading “Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.” Shots of coral reefs and kelp forests are displayed while the text fades.

A pod of dolphins swim just below the surface of the water, and then the video cuts to show a diver jumping off a boat into the water. White text appears, reading “Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.” Two manta rays swim underwater, and fish swim amongst a coral reef.

The camera pans over an expanse of yellow coral before the screen fades to white, prominently displaying the Earth is Blue logo once again. The screen then fades to black.