Lesson Plans & Activities

Utilize these interactive lesson plans and activities with students to learn and gain a better understanding of dolphins, as well as the key role they play in the marine ecosystem.

A hand drawing of many fish and a dolphin in the waves with the sun shining down.

Dolphin Coloring Page

Hands-on activities and a selection of videos will show students in grades 3-5 how increasing ocean noise affects dolphins and their ability to communicate with each other. Students will learn how dolphins communicate, how sound travels in waves, and how sound travels faster in water than in air. Students will also learn how the deployment and recovery of acoustic mooring devices help scientists measure ocean noise.

A hand drawing of many different fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, and a coral reef with seabirds flying above the waves.

Papahānaumokuākea Coloring Page

Students will experience listening to whale vocalizations and will participate in simulations of sound perception and efficiency of sound transfer through matter. Students will also gain a basic understanding of how sounds are measured and recorded when studied in a marine environment, and how various cetacean species communicate and are identified by the vocalizations they make.