The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides general information, research findings, education materials, and empowers all audiences to protect marine resources. Enjoy this assortment of kelp forest oriented recorded webinars that offer a unique perspective from scientists, divers, researchers, and others on the topic.

Five birds flying in the air above the water with a dorsal fin of a dolphin.

Studying Whales and Dolphins in the Hawaiian Archipelago

Long-term, small-boat-based studies in the main Hawaiian Islands have revealed amazing information on 11 resident species of whales and dolphins, as well as migratory and open-ocean species that visit the islands. Join research biologist Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective who will compare what is, and isn’t, known about whales and dolphins throughout the Hawaiian archipelago.

Two gray dolphins jumping in the waves and one dolphin’s fluke above the water.

Dolphin Tales: Studying the Who, When, and Where of Habitat Use

Learn more about when and where dolphin species occur so that the research can inform ecosystem management and mitigate human impacts. This presentation will focus on the biology and ecology of dolphins, current threats, and how technology is helping us learn about their occurrence and distribution.