Kelp Forest Ecosystems

The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series is an important resource in spreading general information, research findings, and empowering all audiences to protect marine resources. Enjoy this assortment of kelp forest oriented recorded webinars that offer a unique perspective from scientists, divers, researchers, and others on the topic.

screenshot of a webinar: two presentors and a slide

Dive into a Changing Ecosystem: From Lush Kelp Forests to Urchin Barren

Tucked along California's coast is a vibrant underwater forest of towering kelp and diverse wildlife. In the last six years, unprecedented outbreaks of purple sea urchins have impacted kelp forests within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, lending several questions: What caused the urchin outbreak? How have sea otters responded? Will intervention and urchin culling enhance kelp recovery?

giant seabass swimming in a kelp forest

Giant Seabass: Kings of the Kelp Forest

Giant Seabass are a species of large fish that live in the cool waters off the coast of California. This fish is the top predator of the Kelp Forest Ecosystems, but the population has been low because of overfishing.

birds on a island in a river

Kelp Can Help!

This presentation looks at some of the impacts of climate change on Maine's ocean environment and the community-based approach the Island Institute takes to support island and coastal schools as they teach students how to plan for and adapt to climate change.