Ocean Acidification
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Coral bleaching and ocean acidification are two climate-related impacts to coral reefs

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the recognized causes of our changing climate and it is also problematic for coral reefs.

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Citizen Science Partner: BleachWatch

Mote Marine Laboratory's trained volunteers collect field observations to monitor for signs of coral bleaching in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters and submit them to Mote staff.

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Resource Issues: Climate Change

Through regional collaboration and coordination, the Monterey Bay coastal community is preparing for the impacts of climate change in a time of limited funding and resources, and ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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La Parguera

A MAPCO2TM system was deployed within the La Parguera Natural Reserve on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico on January 16, 2009 to complement the Integrated Coral Observing Network measurements. The goal is to establish a test bed for monitoring ocean acidification in sensitive coral reef environments.