Ocean Acidification

Watch videos that take you into the field to see how ocean acidification is affecting the National Marine Sanctuary System, species, and the marine environment as a whole from NOAA scientists, educators, and more.


The Olympic Coast as a Sentinel Video

Olympic Coast tribes have depended on local marine species for their livelihoods, food security and cultural practices for thousands of years. Today, these species—and the indigenous communities that depend on them—are at risk from ocean acidification.

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What is Ocean Acidification?

Ocean acidification is affecting the entire world’s ocean, including coastal estuaries and waterways. Many economies are dependent on fish and shellfish and people worldwide rely on food from the ocean as their primary source of protein.

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Dungeness Crabs in Changing Waters: Research on Ocean Acidification

Research suggests that Dungeness crabs are sensitive to the increasing acidity of our oceans. This research will help answer the question of how ocean acidification affects Dungeness crab and will inform strategies to sustain this robust fishery.

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Ocean for Life 2013: The Ocean Connection

Ocean for Life students explore the theme of ocean conservation and stewardship addressing topics of marine protected areas, ocean acidification and climate change.

Global ocean acidity

NOAA Ocean Acidification Demonstration

Ocean Acidification is a global-scale change in the basic chemistry of oceans that is under way now, as a direct result of the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Ocean acidification

Tracking Ocean Acidification in Puerto Rico: A Video Journey

Since 2008 NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Observing Network buoy has been collecting data in La Parguera, Puerto Rico where oceanographic studies of chemistry, biology, geology, and physics of the Caribbean Sea have been conducted for more than 50 years. Below is a video of ocean acidification research in Puerto Rico.

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Ocean Acidification

Learn more about ocean acidification from Fabien Cousteau, 3rd Generation Ocean Explorer, and how the ocean’s changing chemistry impacts shellfish hatcheries and businesses.


Not Just Chemistry

Ocean acidification is about more than just water chemistry. Climb aboard with Philippe Cousteau as he talks with students, scientists, and fishermen to explore how the people of Washington’s Olympic Coast are responding to changing marine ecosystems.