Recreational Opportunities

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Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center

Experience the rich history of the Great Lakes by exploring the exhibits at the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center. Feel the power of a Lake Huron storm while you walk the deck of a life-size schooner or "swim" over a shipwreck in the dive tubes!

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Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Shipwreck Trail

Within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary lies a trail of historic shipwrecks, scattered along the coral reefs and buried in the sandy shallows a few miles off shore. The nine ships along this Shipwreck Trail have many tales to tell, from the stories of individuals who came before us to why they were here and their difficulties in navigating these waters.

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Visit Mallows Bay National Marine Sanctuary

At Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary, the synergy of history and nature provide a truly unique experience. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer to walk the shore, view wildlife, fish, or paddle the waters.

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Monitor National Marine Sanctuary: Visitor Center and Partner Exhibits

Visitors to Virginia and North Carolina’s Outer Banks have many opportunities to learn about the history of the USS Monitor and the National Marine Sanctuary System. Although Monitor is difficult to dive on, there are numerous immersive experiences available on land.


Monitor National Marine Sanctuary: Places to Go

Although Monitor’s wreck site is located in 230 feet of water 16 miles off the North Carolina coast, its story is truly a national one. You can discover an array of immersive experiences both in person and online to learn about the USS Monitor and our nation’s maritime heritage off coastal North Carolina.

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Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary: Things to Do

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is full of amazing shipwrecks and exciting adventures. There are many ways to enjoy the sanctuary, from a fun day at the beach to snorkeling opportunities, truly something for everyone!

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Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary: Places to Go

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary has worked with state and local partners to establish the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Trail, interpreting northeast Michigan’s rich maritime history at access sites along Lake Huron's shoreline.

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Visit Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

In Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, you can snorkel, dive, paddle, and more -- all while exploring our nation's maritime history.

Dive sites map

Stellwagen Bank Dive Sites

This is a map of dive sites within Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary where you can explore shipwrecks up close.