Take a virtual dive into the underwater world of shipwrecks through a curated video collection of various shipwrecks in the U.S. and learn about the history of shipwrecks in the National Marine Sanctuary System.

Educators at Sea video graphic

Educators at Sea

At Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary, teachers and scientists work hand-in-hand to understand the Great Lakes and increase stewardship across the basin. Watch this immersive, educational experience take place in our newest addition to our Stories from the Blue series.

A black-and-white photo of the schooner Paul Palmer before its sinking.

The wreck of Paul Palmer

Off the coast of Massachusetts, a lonely shipwreck has rested on the seafloor for almost a century. Today, take a trip to the wreck of Paul Palmer in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and learn what makes this shipwreck so special!

A rusty piece of the shipwreck Slobodna lies on the ocean floor.

Diving the wreck of Slobodna in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Tour of the shipwreck Slobodna in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary!

An old piece of a World War II shipwreck lies on the ocean floor off North Carolina’s coast.

Battle of the Atlantic Expedition

How can archaeologists chart a World War II battlefield resting 700 feet down on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Maritime archaeologists from Monitor National Marine Sanctuary recently teamed up with the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Project Baseline, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the UNC Coastal Studies Institute and SRI International to use manned submersibles to survey shipwrecks from a World War II battlefield off the coast of North Carolina. Check out what they found in our video!

Kamau Sadiki examines the underwater shipwrecks of historical slave ships.

Connecting Ancestral Memory Through the History and Archaeology of the São José Paquete de Africa and the Clotilda Slave Shipwrecks

Join Kamau Sadiki as he talks about his participation in the underwater archaeological work on the wrecks of the São José Paquete de Africa and the Clotilda as a strategic partner with the Slave Wrecks Project, SEARCH Inc., and NMAAHC. The presentation will highlight the work of DWP, a non-profit organization of SCUBA divers whose primary mission is to bring back into memory the stories of shipwrecks involved in the commodification and enslavement of Black bodies. He will also explore the intersectionality of transoceanic slave trade systems and the making of the modern world through the histories and wrecking events of the São José Paquete de Africa and the Clotilda shipwrecks, two critically important ships of the 18th and 19th centuries. Additionally, the meaning of memory and cultural heritage in the context of the Transatlantic Era of African Enslavement will be discussed, along with highlighting a few other significant slave shipwrecks of importance during this period.

Winfield scott ship painting

Winfield Scott

Over 165 years ago, the passenger vessel Winfield Scott took a detour through what is now Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and collided with Anacapa Island. Learn what happened when the vessel started taking on water in our video.

Ship of WG mason ship

Shipwreck W.G. Mason in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

In 1924 the W.G. Mason was dismantled and its steering gear removed and the tug’s enrollment was surrendered as “abandoned and dismantled at Rogers City” in December 1926.


Lightning Strikes Twice: The real-life sequel to Moby Dick

In the middle of the night on February 11, 1823, the seafaring career of Captain George Pollard, Jr. came to a dramatic end in the remote northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Having survived the tragic events of the Essex, one of the world’s most infamous seafaring disasters, Pollard optimistically set sail for the Pacific once again in the whaleship Two Brothers.

Wreck of the ship Montana

Wreck of Montana

Step back in time and take a tour of the wreck of the Montana in NOAA’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Wreck of the ship Lucinda with a diver next to it

Wreck of Lucinda Van Valkenburg in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Dive under the surface of Lake Huron to discover the remains of the Lucinda Van Valkenburg shipwreck! For over a century, this vessel has rested within NOAA’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Wreck of the ship joseph fay

Joseph S. Fay

Now, the Joseph S. Fay is one of 32 wrecks in the sanctuary to have a seasonal mooring buoy that allows boaters to easily locate the wreck -- plus, now those boaters don't have to drop anchor and risk damaging the wrecks.

Wreck of the ship James Davidson

James Davidson

After a relatively short career as a freighter -- in which it carried what was then the largest load ever on the Great Lakes -- the James Davidson ran aground on October 4, 1883 in what is now Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

DM Wilson shipwreck

D.M. Wilson

Take a trip with us to the wreck of the D.M. Wilson in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary!

Close up of ocean waves

The Great Lakes Big Five Dive

Last year, a group of adventurous women -- including staff from Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary -- dived one historic site in each of the five Great Lakes in 24 hours. Watch our video to hear why they did it.

Ship in the middle of the ocean

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron protects one of America's best-preserved and nationally significant collections of shipwrecks. But you don't have to be a diver to visit many of the wrecks within the sanctuary! Many of them are shallow enough to explore with just a snorkel.

Diver finding a shipwreck

Diving Thunder Bay

Already thinking ahead to warmer summer days? Take a virtual diving trip to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary!

Diver taking notes at a shipwreck

Stories from the Blue: A Teacher's Perspective

Through his "Shipwreck Alley" class, high school teacher John Caplis has been connecting Alpena High School students directly to the nearby Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and through it, to Great Lakes history, ecology, geology, meteorology and more.

Map of Monitor National Marine Sanctuary

Honoring the Merchant Marine

Watch this video to learn how Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is working to preserve these wrecks and the legacy they represent.

Painting of a ship

Lost Arctic Whaling Fleet Video

In 1871, a fleet of 33 whaling ships sailing off the north coast of Alaska were warned by the local Inupiat people that it was going to be a bad weather year.

Painting of uss monitor

The USS Monitor and NOAA: A Look Through Time

Travel back to 1862 in this educational video to learn how the USS Monitor turned the tide of the Civil War. The video not only includes the history of the Monitor, but also the discovery of the shipwreck in 1973, the site's designation as the first national marine sanctuary, and the recovery of major iconic artifacts and how they are being conserved today.

Two men at the deck of a ship

North Carolina Shipwrecks

From the lighthouses to the wildlife to the shipwrecks offshore, the Outer Banks culture reflects the surrounding marine environment. We invite you to take a trip down this stretch of road and experience the maritime heritage of the Outer Banks of North Carolina through videos, pictures, and stories.

Front of a shipwreck

Marine Archaeology Video Playlist

Over the years, NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research has supported several expeditions to explore deep water shipwrecks and other archaeological sites. Check out this collection of some of our best archaeology videos from these expeditions.

Front of the mariners museum

The Monitorium

Check out this video to learn how the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary collaborated with artist Wayne White and the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to bring this shipwreck, and its story, to life.