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mission plan July 10
After a day of work at Kure Atoll, the maritime archaeology team returned to Pearl and Hermes Atoll to resume work on the whaling shipwreck site, the Pearl.

mission plan July 8
The Kahala as an `Aumakua?

mission plan July 7
Researching the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Kure

mission plan July 7
During a day of transit to Midway Atoll, the maritime archaeology team began the final "inking" of their site plan for the whaling ship thought to be the Parker.

mission plan July 6
Swim by any number of small coral heads in the middle of a sandy flat and you will see an entire underwater village.

mission plan July 6
Death of a Laysan Albatross Chick

mission plan July 5
March of the Albatross - In the Remotest Place on Earth, Love Finds the Way

mission plan July 4
This is the third or fourth day at sea on the NOAA ship Hi'ialakai, bathymetric survey mission HI0609.

mission plan July 4
The maritime archaeology team's morning operations began with a picturesque transit to their first target location.

mission plan July 3
Aboard the NOAA ship Hi`ialakai, we have reached Kure Atoll, the last anchor of the long chain of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

mission plan July 2
Early the sun arose, with our group preparing to band Laysan Albatross on Green Island in the ring of Kure Atoll.

mission plan July 2
Today was our fifth day in the beautiful, clear and calm waters of Kure Atoll.

mission plan July 1
Hawaiian monk seals are a critically endangered species. Today the population is around 1400.

maritime heritage July 1
Today marked the team's third day of successful operations at Kure Atoll.

maritime heritage June 30
Putting Together a Jigsaw Puzzle - Marine Archeology in Action

maritime heritage June 29
Fish Comparisons between the Main Hawaiian Islands and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

maritime heritage June 29
The Hi'ialakai arrived at Kure Atoll early this morning and the maritime archaeology team was ready to go.

maritime heritage June 28
Arrival at Kure Atoll

maritime heritage June 27
Counting Fish in the New Marine National Monument

maritime heritage June 27
In maritime archaeology, as well as in real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

maritime heritage June 26
As the NOAA ship Hi'ialakai makes passage to Kure Atoll, the maritime archaeology team is busy preparing equipment.

maritime heritage June 26
The transit from Honolulu, O`ahu to Kure Atoll continues for the crew and scientific party.

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