West Coast Marine Wildlife Viewing Experiences You Can't Miss

April 2016

tufted puffin on the water
Tufted Puffin. Photo: Sophie Webb/NOAA SWFSC

Planning to spend your summer seaside? Be sure to include a stop at one of your national marine sanctuaries! Spanning the central California coast, four of our national marine sanctuaries were recently highlighted as some of the best places to view marine wildlife in the world by Brand USA. Greater Farallones, Cordell Bank, Monterey Bay and Channel Islands national marine sanctuaries were all named must-sees.

Whether you're looking for sea lions and white sharks at Greater Farallones, blue and humpback whales at Monterey Bay, or abundant seabirds at Cordell Bank, or you're on a mission for world-class snorkeling in Channel Islands, national marine sanctuaries provide incredible wildlife viewing experiences all year round. Read the full article, 10 West Coast Marine Wildlife Viewing Experiences You Can't Miss, and find inspiration for your next trip!