Monday, March 30: Explore the Blue with National Marine Sanctuaries

March 2020

Looking for adventure while you're at home? Take a virtual field trip with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants and get to know your national marine sanctuaries as you are guided through this network of underwater parks. Connect with sanctuary staff educator Hannah MacDonald and videographer Nick Zachar as they take you on a 360° virtual dive in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and discuss what it takes to collect such stunning footage.

nick zachar
Nick Zachar, ONMS Videographer
hannah macdonald
Hannah MacDonald, ONMS Education Specialist

Exploring the Blue with National Marine Sanctuaries

This event has already happened. However, you can watch the recording on the Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants YouTube Channel.

Join Hannah MacDonald and Nick Zachar from NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries as they introduce you to the network of underwater parks encompassing over 620,000 square miles of pristine marine ecosystems. National marine sanctuaries span from the warm waters of the Florida Keys to the cool waters off the Washington coast and from the kelp forests off California to the freshwater of the Great Lakes. These places hold special value for conservation, recreation, ecology, culture as well as just the aesthetic beauty. Efforts in research, monitoring, resource protection, education and management of these treasures preserve them for future generations.

This program will connect you with information on what national marine sanctuaries are and bring you below the surface to virtually interact with the sea life that calls sanctuaries home. Not only will you get to experience a virtual dive in a national marine sanctuary, but you will also hear about how divers capture such immersive video footage.