Maroon 5 and REVERB find sanctuary for whale conservation


On August 19, two band members from Maroon 5 and representatives from the non-profit organization REVERB visited Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary to learn about the sanctuary’s whale conservation and citizen science programs. Maroon 5 members Mickey Madden and Jesse Carmichael joined sanctuary staff on a whale watching tour aboard the Condor Express and observed a group of 10-12 feeding humpback whales and hundreds of dolphins.

Sanctuary staff members Shauna Bingham and Laura Francis taught the group about the importance of local marine mammals like humpback whales and common dolphins. Many of these animals face threats that include ship strikes and entanglements, and the band members learned about the Whale Alert app, which is a free and user-friendly way for people to report whale sightings on the West Coast in real time.

Starting in February 2015, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation has partnered with REVERB, an organization that links music fans to environmental issues through sustainable concert tours.  Flower Garden Banks and Stellwagen Bank national marine sanctuaries have also participated in REVERB Eco-Villages at four concerts in Houston and the Boston area, bringing information about sanctuaries to music fans.