Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Study Area Profile 2000 to 2014

left: diver near coral reef; right: fish

This report is a companion report to the Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of Boundary Expansion in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (Leeworthy et. al, 2016) and completes the description of the affected socioeconomic environment for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), the Final EIS, analysis of regulations under Regulatory Impact Review (RIR), and Initial and Final Regulatory Flexibility Analyses (impacts on small entities, primarily small businesses).

Study Area profiles provide the basis for further analyses to determine the dependencies of local communities and economies on the use of sanctuary resources. This helps assess the ability of residents of the Study Area to adapt to new policies or management strategies regarding the sanctuary, and how these would affect the residents’ level of use of the sanctuary resources. The geographic bounds of the Study Area are adjustable. The Study Area profile includes the county or counties where the majority of the socioeconomic impacts that occur are related to the use of sanctuary resources. For the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and Boundary Expansion Area, there are eight counties that define the Study Area. This report provides information on the population, population density, and population growth of the study area as well as information on the demographics (gender, race/ethnicity, and age distributions) of the study area. Various economic factors, including per capita income, unemployment rates, poverty rates, income by place of work/residence, income by industry and employment by industry are also analyzed. All of this information is available on reliable existing sources and can be easily updated at any time.


Population, Population Density, Population Growth, Population Density, Per Capita Income, Unemployment, Unemployment Rate, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Age, Labor Force, Personal Income, Employment, Proprietors Income, Proprietors Employment, Personal Income, Personal Income by Industry, Employment by Industry