Technical Appendix: Economic Impact of the Commercial Fisheries on Local County Economies from Catch in California National Marine Sanctuaries 2010, 2011 and 2012


Vernon R. Leeworthy, NOAA, National Ocean Service, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
Desiree Jerome, Clark University, NOAA Summer Fellow
Kelsey Schueler, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Center for the Blue Economy Summer Fellow

This report documents the data and methods of estimation used in estimating the economic impact of commercial fishing catch from all four National Marine Sanctuaries in California on local county economies in terms of harvest revenue received by fishermen and the associated economic impacts, including multiplier impacts, on total output, value added, income and the number of full- and part-time jobs.

Key Words:

Commercial fishing, economic impact, harvest revenue, output, value added, income, employment