Monitor Monitoring Inventory

photo of monitor wreck and diver

The monitoring projects in the following inventory take place in or around the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Projects are conducted by either Sanctuary staff or by our partners. Summary information is presented for each.

For more information about the monitoring activities at Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, please click here, and review the Sanctuary Condition Report.

Contact the research coordinator at the Sanctuary for additional information.

USS Monitor Observations and Assessments

Lead Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
Objective Document the wreck in detail and characterize how it is affected by natural deterioration and human activities.

Method Diver observations, remotely operated vehicle and autonomous underwater vehicle observations, remote sensing technology, photo and video technology.

Status Duration Frequency
Active 1977 - present Multiple times per year

Partners The Mariners' MuseumGraveyard of the Atlantic Museum,North Carolina AquariumNauticusHampton Roads Naval MuseumNorth Carolina Maritime MuseumNOAA Ocean Exploration, the United States Navy, National Undersea Research Center
Keyword(s) monitor, shipwrecks, deterioration

NOAA Data Buoy

Lead NOAA National Buoy Data Center
Objective NOAA's National Buoy Data Center operates a buoy located in the MNMS that collects and archives data on the following variables: wind, waves, air and water temperature.

Method In situ buoy with live data feeds. Web-accessible.

Status Duration Frequency
Active 2006 - present Continuous (real-time)

Partners Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
Keyword(s) wind, wave, air temperature, water temperature, buoy, North Carolina